Results/points Race 1

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Results/points Race 1

Post by kkracing on Wed 11 Feb - 14:59

Any class with less than 6 participants will not be posted for points.
10 pts. awarded to the top finisher with a 1pt breakdown to the subsequent positions.
1pt awarded to the Top Qualifier

Latemodel Sportsman

Tim Chambers 11pts. TQ
Clay Smith 9pts
Jason Bowlin 8pts
Steve Jones 7pts.
George Smith 6pts.
Randall Gasperson 5pts.

Limited Latemodel

David Kiser 10pts.
Kip Ellerbush 9pts.
John Foister 8pts.
Forrest Pritchard 7pts.
Billy Dean 6pts.
Billy Ballard 5pts.
Stan Brackett 5pts. TQ

13.5 Latemodel

Frank Tucker 11pts. TQ
Terry Rufty 9pts.
Steve Bess 8pts.
Keith Williams 7pts.
Billy Moose 6pts.
Reid Hodnett 5pts.
Donnie Nelson 4pts.
Daniel Rice 3pts.

1-8 Limited

Jason Edison 10pts
Alan Hinchman 10pts TQ
Clayton Roberts 8pts.
Matt Stinnard 7pts.
Randy Hester 6pts.
Phillip Thompson 5pts.
Chris Stinnard 4pts.
David Carswell 3pts.
Bruce Crumbley 2pts.
Paul Sox 1pt.
Bernie Perrine 1pt.
Doc Love 1pt.
Brandon Sutherland 1pt.

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