2009 Rules

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2009 Rules

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C&S Raceway Rules

DODC Rules apply to all classes without an asterisk

Transponder: Must have a personal transponder.
Tires: Foam only, No form of silicone impregnation allowed.
Batteries: Lipo 2 cell 7.4 volt up to 5200 mah, max voltage: 8.44V (3200 DODC batteries for 13.5)
Fuel: Open

Nitro Classes:
1/10 Latemodel Open
1/10 Limited Latemodel
1/10 Sportsman Latemodel (Stock clutch pack, no aftermarket shoes, flywheel, clutchbell)
1/10 Open Sprint
1/10 Limited Sprint
1/10 open Sprint
1/10 Open Edm
1/8 Open Latemodel **
1/8 Limited Latemodel **
Electric Classes:
1/10 Stock Sprint
1/10 Mod Sprint
1/10 Mod Edm
1/10 13.5 Latemodel

The following classes are not subject to DODC rules.
1/8 Open Latemodel:
Chassis: Ofna GTP (all upgrades to this chassis) Ofna DM1, any buggy based 1/8 scale conversions. Any chassis modifications cannot extend outside the body. Body must remain at 90 degrees in relation to the top deck, cannot be pushed out at any point.
Engine: Up to .28 CU (any pipe)
Body: Any molded body, max width: 13in. Max Length 25in.
Sidedam: 5in. (includes 1/2in. wicker) measured from the top deck of the body. Length is 16in. and cannot extend beyond the rear spoiler. Two lexan tethers must be attached to the front and rear of spoiler, at least 8in. apart. Front mounting point must be at least 4in. behind front axle.
Rear Spoiler: 3in. in height (includes any wicker. Right side end cap can extend 3in. in front of spoiler but cannot extend beyond the rear of spoiler. (Trim excess to the angle of spoiler). 1 splitter can be mounted on spoiler not to exceed the dimensions of spoiler.
Weight: 8.5lbs.
Wheel Dimensions: 17mm, width 1.7in., height, 3.2in. Max OD for tire and wheel 4.25in.
Bumpers: No Carbon Fiber, must be made of a shock absorbing material such as abs plastic or kydex.

1/8 Limited Latemodel:
Engine: Nova Rossi BF 2000, 2001, RBS3, OSVG, OSRG (any pipe)
Engines must maintain out of box configuration. No cooling heads, No modified versions of any engine. Aftermarket bearing will be allowed in these engines.
Chassis, rear spoiler, weight and body is same as open class.
Sidedam: None

Final decisions regarding Rule Enforcement will be at the discretion of C&S Raceway staff.

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